Washing your face is an essential part of overall skincare thats should be treated with outmost seriousness and care.
This should be taken serious because the face is generally exposed to heat,sunlight,and cosmetic products that if not properly washed and taken care of,could produce acnes,blackheads and pores. You do not want to see those on your face now do you?
There are many proven ways in which the face can be cleansed. In as much as it is just the face you wash,it is easier said than done. In other to get a perfect face wash,there are guidelines that helps you do that.
 The secret to having a perfect facial cleansing is as follows:
1. Use the best water tempreture.
Cold water does not clean the pores on your face completely. The cold feel of the water makes it hard to penetrate the pores to enable them feel cleansed. Hot water does not also clean the face. It can make the skin on your face dry and even cause irritation due to its temperature. Lukewarm water is the best to use for your facial cleansing. It resonates with your body and keeps the dirts out after washing.
2. Use a suitable facial cleanser for your face/ skin type. This is important because it helps your skin and it makes it possible to prevent reactions and pimples from coming up on your face. 
3. Do not scrub your face too hard. If this is done,it irritates your skin.
4. Do not sleep with makeup on. To avoid acne,it is advisable to wash off all makeup from the face before bed. This is done to avoid clogging the pores and creating too much oil on the face which in turn brings up skin irritation.
5. Use a good moisturiser. Is is advised that moisturiser is more active when the face is a little wet. This is to help keep the face supple and to avoid fine lines from appearing on the face.
6. Use a clean towel to clean your face. When using the towel,do not just clean roughly in different motions. Dab on your face gently to reduce its wetness. The skin on your face is more delicate so dabbing gently is highly advised